Del Debbio Spa

Del Debbio SPA has plants near Lucca producing asphalts and concrete asphalts. The company owns a fleet of more than 60 machines, including wheel loaders, dumpers, etc.
Every plant has its own fuel storage tank and several mobile tanks.
Geom. Oliviero del Debbio is the company’s CEO

Despite having a large fleet in several plants, we had no idea about fuel consumption or about fuel cost influence on our productive process. We were working with Ma-estro on a different issue when they presented us with Q-FUEL. The system is simple and intuitive and our operators found it very user-friendly. Q-FUEL is very versatile and also protect us against any fuel theft.

Since Q-FUEL installation we have a clear view of fuel consumptions and actual fueling costs.
The system is very user friendly on both user and administrative side. We trusted Ma-estro because its systems are the result of CEO Giorgio Manara’s experience in his own quarry, where he had to face and solve our same issues. We are totally satisfied with Q-FUEL and we are going to integrate it with Ma-estro’s Maintenance Management System Q-MAINTENANCE